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The Mattaponi Baptist Association (MBAVA) is a family of Missionary Baptist churches that provide pastors, church leaders, and churches with various opportunities for fellowship. This fellowship was first established in 1879 at Shiloh Baptist Church, Bowling Green, VA. The MBAVA consists of 72 local churches, as well as the moderator, vice moderators, joint executive board chair, our administrative staff, representatives of our ministries, committees, boards.

It was organized by ministry representatives from the local churches to enhance fellowship, resolve doctrinal and policy issues, pool resources and assist them in accomplishing their mission. The MBAVA mission is an extension of the mission of the member churches. We therefore, assist our churches in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, worship, missions (home and foreign), and Christian education.

Ministries: Youth & Young Adult, Church School & Baptist Training Union, Women’s Missionary, Mattaponi Baptist Association

Business meetings take place four times a year, meeting with individuals and local committees/ boards. These meetings occur more often as the need arises. Our Annual Meeting convention takes place the third week of July each year.



Baptist General Convention of Virginia (BGCVA)
Children’s Home of Virginia Baptists
Lott Carey
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Baptist Association, USA (NBA, USA)
Virginia Union University (VUU)
Virginia University of Lynchburg
Richmond Virginia Seminary


MISSIONS: Assist our churches in fulfilling the book of Acts 1:8 through providing:

Foreign Mission Partnerships
Local Mission Partnerships
Disaster Relief
Leadership Training
Church Mission Presentations
Volunteer Training

MINISTRY: Assist our churches in ministering to their local communities by providing:

Women and Men’s Ministry Opportunities
Youth Events
Adult Events
Church and Community Ministry
Ministry Projects


EDUCATION: Assist our churches in equipping the saints for ministry through providing:

Leadership training, workshops and conferences
Discipleship training
Literature information and resources
Continuing education information and resources
Information on social/moral issues
Ministry projects
Church school workshops
Vacation Bible School resources
Christian Education and Formation

FELLOWSHIP: Assist our churches in uniting fellowship through:

Administrative Team Events
Annual Meeting Convention
MBAVA Praise and Worship Events


Assist our churches by offering encouragement and support to both the pastor: and/or congregation through:

Church Leadership Development
Pastoral Conferences
Information on Trustee/Diaconate Ministries
Leadership Retreats
Church Counseling
Pastoral Counseling
Pulpit Support
Ordination, Installation for Clergy and Leaders
Conflict Resolution
Pastoral Search assistance
Associates’ Minister Training
Christian Education
Fellowship Opportunities

EVANGELISM: Assist our churches in reaching their communities for Christ by providing:

Evangelistic material/training
Community Events
Vacation Bible School training and resources


Youth Missionaries
Church School & Baptist Training Union
Women’s Missionary & Education
Mattaponi Baptist Association

Contact Us If You Need Assistance:

If you need assistance of the MBAVA—or have questions about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How to Join:

Call and meet with the Moderator, Vice Moderators or Joint Executive Board Chairman for general information about the ministry of the MBAVA Association. They are available for presentations to pastors and leadership groups.

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